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Marketing ‘Gangnam Style’

22 Apr

The ever-inspiring SheSays (Hey, sexy ladies…) invited me to talk at their latest event on the theme of ‘Women Disruptors’ – women challenging the status quo. So naturally, I spoke about Marketing ‘Gangnam Style’. Love it or loathe it, Gangnam Style is probably the most disruptive piece of communication in recent times. It’s more than a music video, it’s a global phenomenon. So I figured Psy could probably teach us all a thing or two about how to disrupt (in a profitable way). My presentation touched on three themes: 1) The underdog effect, 2) Born to spawn, and 3) Experiment to innovate. Hats off to Psy.





Josh Groban sings Kanye West Tweets

7 Jan

I’ve seen people sharing this link on Facebook and Twitter all week. Come Friday I’ve finally succumbed and clicked on it, and boy I’m glad I did. This totally cracks me up. The best viral campaign of the year so far…

Your Whopper. Your Face.

5 Jan

Here’s one I missed from early 2010. Every time a consumer orders a Whopper “their way”, they get their face on the burger wrap paper. Great disruptive marketing. Did it sell more Whoppers? Probably not. Do more people get the “have it your way” concept? I hope so.

Social Spice thanks online fans and bloggers

15 Jul

Unless you’ve been stuck in a cupboard for the last 24 hours, you would have already heard about the latest social media hero case study from Old Spice. The story so far (for anyone who’s missed it), is that Isaiah Mustafa, the man your man could smell like, has been responding directly to YouTube comments, tweets, and blog posts in awesome personalized video messages. Go to the YouTube channel to check out all the side-splitting videos. There are many reasons why this is an awesome idea, but here are just a few…

It combines great advertising with excellent writing craft.

It appeals to people’s egos.

It feels very personalised (even if it’s not directly at you).

It rewards online advocacy (to the max!) for fans and influencers (even celebrities) alike.

It has in-built talkability (people are tweeting and facebooking in droves).

It’s in real-time which plays well to the growing demand for immediacy in our interactions.

It uses social media to create a genuine two-way dialogue.

I’ll leave you with Mustafa’s conclusion to this awesome social media story. Silver fish hand catch!!

Wheat Thins rewards unsuspecting tweople

13 Jul

When it comes to social media, it’s really important to reward your online advocates. Well US snack brand ‘Wheat Thins’ have taken this to the extreme with overt gestures to people tweeting about the brand. Tabatha Tweeted about Wheat Thins, watch the clip to see how they returned the favor…

If this entertained you, there are more videos you can check out on YouTube here. With half a million YouTube views on this video alone, the power of advocacy and word-of-mouth is plainly evident. Kudos to Wheat Thins for making such a powerful (yet simple) social idea that people want to pass-along (I did and we don’t even have Wheat Thins in the UK!). It’s one of those ideas that makes me think…

Patrick Collister on awesome response-driven ideas

2 Jun

Patrick Collister bravely ventured to AMV last week to talk to us planners about awesome response-driven communications ideas. And no I’m not just talking about DM, I mean participative ideas that get people to do stuff (often sought by digital comms). Here are a few favourites of mine…

Diesel ‘Quique The Head’

Branded entertainment at its best – and it goes to show that brands can do engaging longer-form content (which isn’t achieved often!). Skip to 1.29 for “the sneeze”.  

Football Federation Australia Viral Case Study 

An inventive viral campaign which not only engaged consumers, but solved a business problem by actually getting “bums on seats”.

Toohey’s Extra Dry ‘6 beers of separation’

A contagious on-the-pulse idea that was shared and spread around the world.

Walking on water (ish)

18 May

Every day creative agencies try to make “virals”. But very few actually create content that has true pass-along value.  But Hi-Tec’s new video ‘Liquid Mountaineering’ has been attracting a lot of attention on YouTube (almost 3 million views!), and it’s definitely worth sharing.  The video description goes…

“Liquid Mountaineering is a new sport which is attempting to achieve what man has tried to do for centuries: walk on water. Or to be more precise: running on water. We are developing the sport from scratch. By accident we found out that with the right water repellent equipment you can run across bodies of water, just like a stone skimming the surface.”

The pass-along factor comes from people asking ‘is this for real’?! It’s worth checking out. Very subtle branding, I wonder if anyone will remember…who was it again??

And if you need reminding as to what a “viral” is, check out this brilliant post.

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