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Patrick Collister on awesome response-driven ideas

2 Jun

Patrick Collister bravely ventured to AMV last week to talk to us planners about awesome response-driven communications ideas. And no I’m not just talking about DM, I mean participative ideas that get people to do stuff (often sought by digital comms). Here are a few favourites of mine…

Diesel ‘Quique The Head’

Branded entertainment at its best – and it goes to show that brands can do engaging longer-form content (which isn’t achieved often!). Skip to 1.29 for “the sneeze”.  

Football Federation Australia Viral Case Study 

An inventive viral campaign which not only engaged consumers, but solved a business problem by actually getting “bums on seats”.

Toohey’s Extra Dry ‘6 beers of separation’

A contagious on-the-pulse idea that was shared and spread around the world.


Doritos ups-the-UGC-ante with King of Ads

8 Apr

If you work in the advertising industry, you’ve probably heard of a little thing called user-generated content? Well with the help of AMV, Doritos have launched King of Ads’ – offering creative types (or anyone with a video camera for that matter) the chance to get their ad on the telly box. We’re encouraging people to be as creative, left-field, or as adventurous as they like.

Doritos have upped the stakes by inviting a panel of specially selected experts to judge the entries – including Bafta award-winning actor, director, and screenwriter Noel Clarke, TV and radio presenter Lauren Laverne, and top ad director David Shane. The finalists will even be invited to pitch their ads IN-PERSON to our experts (eek), before the top three are put to public vote.

While UGC campaigns have been widely used in the UK, never has there been such a huge cash incentive. The consumer-selected winner is guaranteed £100K, plus an extra £1 per every vote (up to another £100K!).  But of course the incentive goes beyond this unique cash prize, since they’ll also have their ad broadcast on national TV.

Feeling inspired yet? If not, our resident ad director and funny man David Shane has created an idiot’s guide to making an ad. I may be bias, but I think this is pretty funny.

Submissions close on 30th April, so if you want to get your hands on that prize, give it a go!

Don’t raise your eyebrows at me missy

26 Jan

Glass and a half full productions are back with “yet another feat of ridiculousness and joy” (their words not mine). As ever, the blogging community is largely underwhelmed as Cadbury struggles to recpature the magic of Gorilla. But hey, the bad blogging coommunity is not the general public, so lets see how this one pans out.

I loved the very personalised blogger email I received though as she commented on my lovely lashes…thanks sweetie!

Doritos – Doing great stuff, from entertainment to utility

15 Oct

Let me start with Hotel626. Holy sh*t. Snack Strong Productions has unveiled a genuinely horrifying website – apparently promoting their new taco flavours, yet without a single crisp in sight. Hotel626 is only open from 6pm to 6am (but you can cheat and get in whenever by changing the time on your computer clock). If you’re gutsy enough, be prepared to waste some serious time on this site. And if you have a web cam, be prepared for a truly interactive experience.

Doritos are not only entertaining us, but making our Internet experience just like a bag of Doritos – filled only with the stuff you like. A branded utility if you like. Doritos are offering a plug-in that lets users fill banner ads with anything from family photos to facebook profiles. As ever, there’s a mixture of ‘hype’ chucked in with ‘it’s all been done before’, but I think it’s quite neat and a good fit for Doritos. The YouTube video says it all.


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