Social Spice thanks online fans and bloggers

15 Jul

Unless you’ve been stuck in a cupboard for the last 24 hours, you would have already heard about the latest social media hero case study from Old Spice. The story so far (for anyone who’s missed it), is that Isaiah Mustafa, the man your man could smell like, has been responding directly to YouTube comments, tweets, and blog posts in awesome personalized video messages. Go to the YouTube channel to check out all the side-splitting videos. There are many reasons why this is an awesome idea, but here are just a few…

It combines great advertising with excellent writing craft.

It appeals to people’s egos.

It feels very personalised (even if it’s not directly at you).

It rewards online advocacy (to the max!) for fans and influencers (even celebrities) alike.

It has in-built talkability (people are tweeting and facebooking in droves).

It’s in real-time which plays well to the growing demand for immediacy in our interactions.

It uses social media to create a genuine two-way dialogue.

I’ll leave you with Mustafa’s conclusion to this awesome social media story. Silver fish hand catch!!


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