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Marketing ‘Gangnam Style’

22 Apr

The ever-inspiring SheSays (Hey, sexy ladies…) invited me to talk at their latest event on the theme of ‘Women Disruptors’ – women challenging the status quo. So naturally, I spoke about Marketing ‘Gangnam Style’. Love it or loathe it, Gangnam Style is probably the most disruptive piece of communication in recent times. It’s more than a music video, it’s a global phenomenon. So I figured Psy could probably teach us all a thing or two about how to disrupt (in a profitable way). My presentation touched on three themes: 1) The underdog effect, 2) Born to spawn, and 3) Experiment to innovate. Hats off to Psy.





Doritos “Late Night” presents the FIRST EVER 360 degree video on YouTube, and the iPhone

19 Oct

Doritos (I work for AMV BBDO, Doritos creative agency) are launching two new and authentic flavours that draw inspiration from classic late-night foods – ‘Tantalising Tikka’ and ‘BBQ Rib’. Om nom nom. But ‘Late Night’ is more than just two new tasty flavours, it’s a never before seen interactive music experience (which breaks today!). I’m super excited. We’ve hooked up with some of the biggest acts around the globe, including Rihanna and in-demand (3 x MOBO-nominated) British rapper Professor Green.

For the “Late Night” campaign, AMV BBDO have created a fully interactive 360 degree music video for the track ‘Coming to get me’, written by Professor Green exclusively for the campaign. The 360 experience puts Doritos fans in control and lets them choose which direction they would like to look – check it out now at our custom YouTube channel here. We’ve even created an embeddable widget so that you can host the whole 360 experience on your blog – grab the embed code from here. Unfortunately my wordpress-hosted blog cannot support the widget (I need an upgrade!), but here’s the unwrapped version from YouTube. The general consensus on Twitter is “it’s sickkk”, but I’ll leave that for you to decide…

‘Coming to get me’ is the FIRST EVER 360° video on YouTube.  Up until the launch of the Doritos / Professor Green promo, all videos featured previously on YouTube have been a flat / 2D video.  As the world’s most popular video sharing site, this is a landmark event for both YouTube, Doritos, and the Internet as a whole.

‘Coming to get me’ is also COMING SOON to download as a free iPhone app.  This will be the first ever 360° video on an iPhone.  The app, via the iPhones accelerometer, enables consumers to change the direction in which they’re viewing the video by moving their arms (or tilting the phone) up, down, left or right. More on this to come…

But it doesn’t stop there. Using special packs of Late Night chips and a web cam, consumers can unlock an augmented reality experience with Rihanna at  The interactive video (created by Goodby & HiRes!) – for brand new song feat. David Guetta ‘Who’s That Chick’ – shows Rihanna showing off her day and night time personas.

This has been quite possibly the coolest campaign I’ve ever worked on, but more importantly it delivers once again on Doritos promise of being the most entertaining snack brand.

Comments welcome 🙂

Amy Winehouse is shit, U2 are shit, and we all know Coldplay are shit but here’s proof

21 Oct

I can’t resist a good simple mash-up. Enjoy these (Coldplay is a cracker!).

Amy Winehouse is shit. Say no to drugs 🙂

U2 are well shit. Apparently this is the actual recording of U2 taken from the mixing desk on the David Letterman Show. Oh dear.

And my favourite, Coldplay are shit. And here’s proof .

If you enjoyed these, watch some more over at his YouTube channel ‘dryadssaddle’ here.

Doritos presents…Alan!

16 Oct

Hot on the heels of iD3, AMV has just launched Doritos final campaign of the year (phew!). We’ve teamed up with the legendary Guitar Hero with the aim of spawning a nation of wannabe rock gods and groupies.

What better way to advertise the on-pack promotion than with a song! And a guy named Alan…

We’re already racking up the YouTube hits and sparking A LOT of chatter across various social platforms which we like.

But it doesn’t end there. At we’ve created a whole wealth of engaging content – a live video action advergame to enter the promotion, a rock god generator, and a mad game where you have to collect groupies by getting your friends to take and upload a picture of their pants. Clean ones of course! Nice huh. Essentially we’ve just created lots of fun things for people to play with and share. And like iD3, the site is fully integrated with Facebook Connect to push and pull out content. We like to keep things social.

We’ve also teamed up with Spotify to give away premium accounts (1 a week) on Twitter so get involved here @doritosuk. A simple tweet could rid you of Spotify ads.

As ever with Doritos, the project was a HUGE enjoyment to work on. Hands down the best meeting ever when the creatives’ first sung us Alan’s song 🙂

Human Synthesizer with Calvin Harris

13 Aug

It’s nerdy, it’s sexy, it’s cool. I love it. Using conductive ink, electronic musician Calvin Harris has collaborated with a team to make a synthesizer out of himself and 15 bikini clad models (sure why not), to perform an interesting version of his new single Ready For The Weekend.

The performers stand on the pads, and touch hands to complete a circuit and trigger a sound. Different combinations of pads trigger the different sounds needed to play the track.


Sour – another ‘crowdsourced’ music video

8 Jul

Bloc Party very recently ‘crowdsourced’ their latest music video ‘Ares’ (more info here) – the video is made up of fan submitted mobile phone footage.

Today I came across another crowdsourced music video…from Japanese band ‘Sour’. The result is an amazing eye-popping video shot on a bunch of web cams by fans around the world. It’s pretty amazing the amount of work and collaboration that went into this – and the result is pretty spectacular. I think this is potentially an interesting opportunity for brands as well us bands…

Via CrunchGear.

Bloc Party crowdsource their latest music video

20 May

The Internet has made it possible for large groups of widely dispersed people to come together and express ideas. Harnessing the power of crowds is called ‘crowdsourcing‘ – and Bloc Party have done just that with their latest music video ‘Ares’.

The video is made up of fan-submitted mobile phone footage – in theory it sounds awful, but the result actually has a great raw feel. See for yourself!


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