Doritos presents…Alan!

16 Oct

Hot on the heels of iD3, AMV has just launched Doritos final campaign of the year (phew!). We’ve teamed up with the legendary Guitar Hero with the aim of spawning a nation of wannabe rock gods and groupies.

What better way to advertise the on-pack promotion than with a song! And a guy named Alan…

We’re already racking up the YouTube hits and sparking A LOT of chatter across various social platforms which we like.

But it doesn’t end there. At we’ve created a whole wealth of engaging content – a live video action advergame to enter the promotion, a rock god generator, and a mad game where you have to collect groupies by getting your friends to take and upload a picture of their pants. Clean ones of course! Nice huh. Essentially we’ve just created lots of fun things for people to play with and share. And like iD3, the site is fully integrated with Facebook Connect to push and pull out content. We like to keep things social.

We’ve also teamed up with Spotify to give away premium accounts (1 a week) on Twitter so get involved here @doritosuk. A simple tweet could rid you of Spotify ads.

As ever with Doritos, the project was a HUGE enjoyment to work on. Hands down the best meeting ever when the creatives’ first sung us Alan’s song 🙂


2 Responses to “Doritos presents…Alan!”

  1. Karl Long October 18, 2009 at 8:32 pm #

    I guess the age old advertising question as always is

    “does it sell more of the product”

    I’ll add another question for the more conscious people of the world.

    “What is the overall benefit of selling more of that product?”

    To be quite honest I’d like to see Doritos & Pepsico get involved in the rising dialogue about our food system. Companies like Pepsico actually have an incredibly important role in the health of society.

    In many ways the food companies currently are acting like the car companies of the 70’s, ignoring the fact that resources, costs, and public sentiment is changing. Instead of innovating around the core issues, the continued turning out the same unsustainable stuff until the industries collapsed.

    The problem IMHO is that food companies have not realized they are part of a much bigger idea, all they need to do is start tapping into that much bigger idea and they will thrive.–where-they-grow-our-junk-food

  2. nicspic2608 October 19, 2009 at 1:37 pm #

    Hi Karl thanks for taking the time to comment.

    In terms of ‘does it sell product?’, only time will tell of course. But it’s certainly been designed to. The Guitar Hero promotion is perfect for the type of people (young, exhibitionist 20-somethings) and occasion (party’s round your mate’s house) we’re targeting with Doritos.

    PepsiCo’s important role in the health of society is something they do take very seriously. They have taken some really positive steps already (eg. reduced saturates in Walkers crisps by around 80%). And I recently found out that actually their healthy fruit juices sell 3 times as much as regular Pepsi Cola.

    PepsiCo are on a journey to producing much healthier products. From what I can see they’re far ahead of other food companies in making these sort of commitments, and while they’d hold their hands up to the fact that there’s work to be done yet, it certainly feels like they have a plan in place to improve.

    They’re planning some communications around this later in the year, so if you are interested in finding out more, I can certainly connect you with all the right information.


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