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Doritos “Late Night” presents the FIRST EVER 360 degree video on YouTube, and the iPhone

19 Oct

Doritos (I work for AMV BBDO, Doritos creative agency) are launching two new and authentic flavours that draw inspiration from classic late-night foods – ‘Tantalising Tikka’ and ‘BBQ Rib’. Om nom nom. But ‘Late Night’ is more than just two new tasty flavours, it’s a never before seen interactive music experience (which breaks today!). I’m super excited. We’ve hooked up with some of the biggest acts around the globe, including Rihanna and in-demand (3 x MOBO-nominated) British rapper Professor Green.

For the “Late Night” campaign, AMV BBDO have created a fully interactive 360 degree music video for the track ‘Coming to get me’, written by Professor Green exclusively for the campaign. The 360 experience puts Doritos fans in control and lets them choose which direction they would like to look – check it out now at our custom YouTube channel here. We’ve even created an embeddable widget so that you can host the whole 360 experience on your blog – grab the embed code from here. Unfortunately my wordpress-hosted blog cannot support the widget (I need an upgrade!), but here’s the unwrapped version from YouTube. The general consensus on Twitter is “it’s sickkk”, but I’ll leave that for you to decide…

‘Coming to get me’ is the FIRST EVER 360° video on YouTube.  Up until the launch of the Doritos / Professor Green promo, all videos featured previously on YouTube have been a flat / 2D video.  As the world’s most popular video sharing site, this is a landmark event for both YouTube, Doritos, and the Internet as a whole.

‘Coming to get me’ is also COMING SOON to download as a free iPhone app.  This will be the first ever 360° video on an iPhone.  The app, via the iPhones accelerometer, enables consumers to change the direction in which they’re viewing the video by moving their arms (or tilting the phone) up, down, left or right. More on this to come…

But it doesn’t stop there. Using special packs of Late Night chips and a web cam, consumers can unlock an augmented reality experience with Rihanna at  The interactive video (created by Goodby & HiRes!) – for brand new song feat. David Guetta ‘Who’s That Chick’ – shows Rihanna showing off her day and night time personas.

This has been quite possibly the coolest campaign I’ve ever worked on, but more importantly it delivers once again on Doritos promise of being the most entertaining snack brand.

Comments welcome 🙂


The Economist Thinking Space By AMV BBDO (yeah that means me!)

10 Jul

I’ve barely had a chance to breathe since putting our new website live  The Economist: Thinking Space, and yet it’s already gaining a lot of attention.

In Europe, The Economist targets people who we call the ‘Intellectually Curious’. They are young, university educated, interested in global events and issues. They want to understand, not just what is happening, but why. However in Europe, The Economist suffers from low brand awareness. And when they are aware of it, they tend to think it is narrowly focused on finance and economics.

The Economist Thinking Space asks people…where do you get your ideas? We invite you into the lives of some of our European Economist readers – it opens the door to their ‘thinking space’. Our diverse range of influential personalities share their thoughts, ideas, parts of their lives and the role The Economist plays in it. Users are also able to upload and tag images of their own spaces, to allow the site to become more inclusive and to grow, breaking away from the brand’s historical exclusivity.

What’s more, the interactive site is built in Papervision with stunning photography and is B-E-A-UTIFUL! Built by the good guys at Hi-ReS!. Explore it now, you won’t regret it…



In just a matter of days it’s already gaining a lot of attention and buzz on Twitter and blogs. It received 16,000 unique visits in the first two days from launch, so I’m very excited to watch it grow. We’re also working with the lovely people at We are Social to outreach to bloggers across Europe.

I hope you’ll agree that The Economist Thinking Space positions the brand as a stimulating interesting read. As always, thoughts and feedback are welcome (if not encouraged) here…

“Digitalness” in the real-world

8 Jun

McDonald’s has launched a new interactive sign where passers-by can interact with content displayed on Piccadilly’s giant LED screen. A simple idea that gets people to engage and interact with the brand while they’re out and about. And a great opportunity for the content to spread as people video, MMS, tweet, and share their experiences.

I wonder how staged this video is, and who subsequently bought a fillet-o-fish(!), but it’s a nice idea. Bringing digital experiences to the real-world is something that excites me. Check out the posers in the clip…

Immerse yourself in reactive technology

4 Sep

A friend sent me this cool demo showcased at the Interactive Digital Advertising in LA. It’s from Reactrix – essentially, technology that reacts to consumer interaction. It places people right in the heart of advertising.

Another friend pointed out that this technology isn’t new, and therefore I shouldn’t be hyping it up. I’d like to think I’m not one of those to hype generate (I hope!) anyways. It may not be ground-breakingly new, but there’s another point to make here. RFID, GPS, mobile – these things aren’t ‘new’, but most have many uses and opportunities that are simply unexploited by brands. Perhaps this is down to budget, but I believe it’s lack of forward thinking and imagination. And another thing…until these technologies enter mainstream culture, and people become accustomed to engaging and interacting with brands in this way, these cool so-called “new” things are bound to be hyped up years after their creation. So check out the ol’ thing. New? Old? Who cares…

I also quite like this from Reactrix – a game system that works like a controller-free Wii. Its probably old 😦

Disney does digital beyond the browser

26 Aug

Nice example from Disney here of interesting digital beyond the browser. This short clip is a great demonstration of people sharing digital experiences in real-world communities. I say people, in this case I mean kids. Kids that are growing up with technology as part of their lives, and are comfortable immersing themselves with digital technology.

Disney’s ‘Stitch Encounter’ is an interactive show which consists of an unscripted real-time conversation between Stitch and park guests.

When the host of the “Space Traffic Control” requests the computer to search for an available spacecraft captain to talk to, the computer connects to Stitch’s spacecraft. After that, guests  in the “Space Traffic Control” room are chosen to chat with Stitch. Stitch can both interact with guests and take their pictures. A hidden cast member supplies Stitch’s voice and controls his animation, allowing the character to talk and interact with guests. The “animated” character looks and moves much like he does in the movie, complete with corresponding facial expressions and gestures. The conclusion of the show occurs when the audience aids Stitch in his escape from Captain Gantu.

Thanks Gary for this little find.

More info here.

The Sexy Interactive Innovative Storefront

23 Sep

If Elle MacPherson wasn’t enough to catch the attention of passers-by, this innovative interactive idea for ‘Elle MacPherson Intimates’ certainly stops people in their tracks. It uses a nifty bit of technology called Human Locator in the storefront that tracks full body movement in real-time. A brilliant use of technology.

What an exciting way to add meaning to the real-world through smart technology, but most importantly with consumer participation at the heart. I just love it when great digital work goes beyond the browser and into the real-world.

Enough said, watch people interacting with the storefront here…


A much BIGGER integration is upon us – the colliding of our digital and real-life worlds

25 Jul

Thanks to PSFK, originally at IF!, for posting this thought-provoking presentation by Tribal DDB (an ex agency of mine) on the new digital landscape blurring with the real world. There is a much BIGGER integration taking place, where technology is gradually disappearing from our view but also the real world is waking up. Although this is not an entirely new subject, it’s only recently that we are really seeing the reality of this with heightened consumer involvement and smart use of technology.

Take a look – it makes you take a step back, and look at the bigger picture of what’s going on around us!

Matt Dyke identifies the key trends that really emphasise this blur, and there are some really interesting examples of brands engaging in new and exciting ways. Though underlying all of this is the power of consumers. Here are some of my favourite examples, some taken from the video, and some of my own!

  • Nintendo Wii – great example of real world interactions with digital objects
  • Crowd gaming – brilliantly entertaining and deeper interaction (sort of group Wii experience), shows how people also share digital experiences in real-world communities
  • Arcade reality – this mobile application overlays objects digitally on your real-life mobile view, shows how we can add value to the real-world through technology
  • MINI talking billboards – simple smart technology, brilliant personalisation and shows how objects can talk to each other
  • Orange spot the bull – simple idea using GPS which created a big buzz in the blogosphere, demonstrates the blurring of digital and real-world locations

Interesting stuff. But remember, the technology is just the enabler, it is the consumer’s participation in communications which is making this big big integration come to life. Brands need to think about the added role they can play and how they can be creative with smart technology.

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