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“Secret Ingredient” exploits online gaming to teach mums the benefits of cooking with Heinz Ketchup

27 Oct

My first project for Heinz is a digitally led campaign to get the nation cooking with Ketchup.

The problem? Heinz Tomato Ketchup is the nation’s best-loved sauce, but penetration is static.

The strategy? Get mums to use more Heinz Tomato Ketchup more often, by communicating the benefits of using the ‘only’ Ketchup as a cooking ingredient in classic homemade favourites. Because from Spaghetti Bolognese to Lasagna, Heinz Tomato Ketchup injects real tomato magic to classic homemade dishes.

The execution? An online video game that teaches mums the benefits of cooking with Ketchup, with fantastic prizes up for grabs. The competition challenges mums to discover the “secret ingredient” to classic homemade favourites.

The website at, developed in partnership with creative production house unit9, hosts a number of interactive video recipes. The online game gives you the chance to cook-along with celebrity chef Paul Rankin, as he demonstrates how to cook the perfect recipes. Those who discover the “Secret Ingredient” are entered into a prize draw.

To create added talkability, the “Secret Ingredient” is teased within the media to entertain and intrigue mums. The campaign extends across a multitude of platforms, with at the heart of the activity:

  • A Facebook campaign at to engage fans with exclusive content and giveaways (this is Heinz’s first foray into Facebook).
  • An exclusive blogger event with Paul Rankin and further blogger relations (via We are Social) to create buzz within social spaces.
  • Heavyweight shopper marketing to disrupt shoppers in-store and online.
  • A partnership with Bauer which spans Magic radio, Closer magazine, and Closer online.

But it doesn’t stop there. Heinz have gone so far as to change the name on the iconic bottle, to read “Your Secret Ingredient”.

One small step for digital, one giant leap of faith for Heinz.


Introducing…Media Monster Wars

1 Sep

Sony have created a pretty decent Facebook app which amplifies what consumers are already doing in social media; introducing…Media Monster Wars.

It’s the first ever social media game controlled my manipulating the content on your Facebook profile (or at least so they say). The more photos, videos, comments, and likes (i.e. the more connected and “social” you are), the stronger your monster becomes.

While the demo video is cheesy as hell, and don’t get me started on Justin Timberlake, the idea of creating a a fun representation of your social profile, and battling your friends in social media, is actually pretty neat.

Doritos presents…Alan!

16 Oct

Hot on the heels of iD3, AMV has just launched Doritos final campaign of the year (phew!). We’ve teamed up with the legendary Guitar Hero with the aim of spawning a nation of wannabe rock gods and groupies.

What better way to advertise the on-pack promotion than with a song! And a guy named Alan…

We’re already racking up the YouTube hits and sparking A LOT of chatter across various social platforms which we like.

But it doesn’t end there. At we’ve created a whole wealth of engaging content – a live video action advergame to enter the promotion, a rock god generator, and a mad game where you have to collect groupies by getting your friends to take and upload a picture of their pants. Clean ones of course! Nice huh. Essentially we’ve just created lots of fun things for people to play with and share. And like iD3, the site is fully integrated with Facebook Connect to push and pull out content. We like to keep things social.

We’ve also teamed up with Spotify to give away premium accounts (1 a week) on Twitter so get involved here @doritosuk. A simple tweet could rid you of Spotify ads.

As ever with Doritos, the project was a HUGE enjoyment to work on. Hands down the best meeting ever when the creatives’ first sung us Alan’s song 🙂

Doritos iD3 – innovative NPD, brand as entertainer, and my latest project : )

27 Jul

I have been working alongside Initials on a really exciting campaign to support the launch of Doritos iD3: a limited edition mystery flavour. The alphanumeric name and mysterious black packaging invites consumers to guess the mystery flavour at for the chance to win a chuffing £20K reward.


But guessing the flavour is just the beginning…

iD3 is not only an original product launch. It is also a three-part episodic online adventure for Doritos fans which uniquely blends film and gaming (starring Layer Cake’s Tamer Hassan). The iD3 adventure allows fans to become the hero in their very own ‘choose your own adventure’. Set in London’s shady underworld, the player goes undercover to help unlock the truth behind a mysterious case of mistaken identity, with huge prizes to be won along the way. Check out our thrilling trailer…

Doritos is no stranger to inviting consumers to play with the brand, and the iD3 advergame delivers just this by putting consumers in the driving seat of their very own personalised adventure. And the mystery flavour is a unique product innovation which will no doubt get consumers talking and engaging with the brand on a deeper level.

The adventure itself pushes the boundaries of technology. Each adrenalin-filled episode blends slick live action footage with 3D interaction, giving the whole experience a distinct high-production cinematic feel. The advergame is uniquely integrated with Facebook Connect, which enables a more personalised experience for Doritos fans by dynamically inserting content from your Facebook profile into the film. It also pushes c0ntent out to Facebook, as a result making the game more social.

We’ve created a number of secret levels and experiences (including the Konami Code) for experienced gamers (not me then…).

Even the support for the campaign is shrouded in mystery – with grassroots seeding and an exclusive blogger outreach programme. A live Twitter feed and Facebook fan page will keep Doritos fans up-to-date with the adventure.

The campaign has only recently launched, and yet Doritos iD3 is already gaining attention on blogs, forums, reviews, and of course Twitter. What’s more, there is high engagement on our Facebook fan page, with hundreds of fans guessing the mystery flavour. It just goes to show that the best ideas are the simple ones, and like Walkers ‘Do us a Flavour‘, they come across as somewhat obvious. Although in reality finding and creating them takes great understanding and insights.  And the activation of the idea has to be engaging and involving.

To guess the mystery flavour and play the game, you’ll need to pick up a special pack of Doritos iD3 – each pack code gives you 6 lives. Seeing as I’m a part of this little project, I do have a few free player codes I’m willing to give away to my readers  (though you can’t win prizes with my dummy codes).

Comments and feedback encouraged as always…

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