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Memory Cloud – an evening of new and old

15 Sep

For three evenings in October (8th – 10th), a new interactive smoky communication will be underway in Trafalgar Square, commissoned by the ICA. It will be an evening to remember – one that combines a very modern medium – mobile, with a 5,000 year old one – smoke signals.

This experiment works as a hybrid system that explores the dynamic and spatial capacities of smoke and light, in relation to modern mobile technology. In Memory Cloud, visitors can text any message they like to the artists’ creation, and that message will be made into huge light-and-air smoke signals, all in real-time.

The project motivates social interaction through visualization of personal expression, and a collective act of writing space. This new exploration of personal expression in public spaces is from Minimaforms, founded in 2002 by brothers Stephen and Theodore Spyropoulos as an experimental architecture and design practice.


Calling all screen addicts

9 Sep

This little film is so cute it deserves a quick post. Now I love the Internet and my blacberry, but sometimes you simply need to unplug and get out there and enjoy the wonders of the real world.

Visit the site here to cure your screen addiction.  Slightly ironic this message is being communicated via electronic means,  but I guess that’s the best way to reach us digital addicts.

Via Paul (thanks).

Immerse yourself in reactive technology

4 Sep

A friend sent me this cool demo showcased at the Interactive Digital Advertising in LA. It’s from Reactrix – essentially, technology that reacts to consumer interaction. It places people right in the heart of advertising.

Another friend pointed out that this technology isn’t new, and therefore I shouldn’t be hyping it up. I’d like to think I’m not one of those to hype generate (I hope!) anyways. It may not be ground-breakingly new, but there’s another point to make here. RFID, GPS, mobile – these things aren’t ‘new’, but most have many uses and opportunities that are simply unexploited by brands. Perhaps this is down to budget, but I believe it’s lack of forward thinking and imagination. And another thing…until these technologies enter mainstream culture, and people become accustomed to engaging and interacting with brands in this way, these cool so-called “new” things are bound to be hyped up years after their creation. So check out the ol’ thing. New? Old? Who cares…

I also quite like this from Reactrix – a game system that works like a controller-free Wii. Its probably old 😦

Doritos Collisions – watch the flavours go head-to-head

1 Sep

If you haven’t heard about the new Doritos wrestling campaign, check out my original post here. The launch event took place at SE1 London Bridge, and a random and hilarious affair it was. If you weren’t lucky enough to be there, check out the highlights here of a giant pepper body-slamming a bull, and a crazy chicken clotheslining a 6-foot tomato.

Thanks to Will and Adam for stopping by…

Disney does digital beyond the browser

26 Aug

Nice example from Disney here of interesting digital beyond the browser. This short clip is a great demonstration of people sharing digital experiences in real-world communities. I say people, in this case I mean kids. Kids that are growing up with technology as part of their lives, and are comfortable immersing themselves with digital technology.

Disney’s ‘Stitch Encounter’ is an interactive show which consists of an unscripted real-time conversation between Stitch and park guests.

When the host of the “Space Traffic Control” requests the computer to search for an available spacecraft captain to talk to, the computer connects to Stitch’s spacecraft. After that, guests  in the “Space Traffic Control” room are chosen to chat with Stitch. Stitch can both interact with guests and take their pictures. A hidden cast member supplies Stitch’s voice and controls his animation, allowing the character to talk and interact with guests. The “animated” character looks and moves much like he does in the movie, complete with corresponding facial expressions and gestures. The conclusion of the show occurs when the audience aids Stitch in his escape from Captain Gantu.

Thanks Gary for this little find.

More info here.

The Carling iPint – keep it simple, stupid

20 Aug

The Carling iPint iPhone application has been making the rounds recently, and it seems to be getting mixed reactions (simple and smart vs. simply stupid). Check out the demo below if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

It’s definitely generating word-of-mouth, what’s more, punters are actually playing around with this (branded content) in pubs – so it’s ticking a lot of boxes for me already. While the entertainment is short-lived, it is somewhat engaging and certainly poses the talkability factor. The iPint spoofs are already in full swing, take iMunchies for example.

Despite the idiocy of drinking a ‘virtual’ pint, the application actually uses ground-breaking technology. And yet the creative execution is so simple. So simple that I would argue it’s actually rather smart.

And to those marketers who think it’s just plain stupid – I can only bet you’re secretely annoyed you didn’t think of it first! Carling have leveraged the popularity of the iPhone, and they have the sucessful results to prove it.

Digital isn’t just banners ya’know. Technology is a huge part of the world we live in, whether we’re vastly aware of it or not. And we’re sharing engaging digital experiences with our friends. We live in exciting times! And brands need to realise the role they can play and value they can add in this exciting world.

My verdict – simply genius.

More info here.

TXT of the living dead

11 Aug

This is a simple but cool idea. Take a film, and make an interactive movie experience by allowing people to text message in the next line of the movie. A great example of people sharing digital experiences in the real-world.

A project by TXTual Healing.

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