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Doritos Collisions – watch the flavours go head-to-head

1 Sep

If you haven’t heard about the new Doritos wrestling campaign, check out my original post here. The launch event took place at SE1 London Bridge, and a random and hilarious affair it was. If you weren’t lucky enough to be there, check out the highlights here of a giant pepper body-slamming a bull, and a crazy chicken clotheslining a 6-foot tomato.

Thanks to Will and Adam for stopping by…


Doritos Collisions – The battle for your tastebuds is on.

28 Jul

‘Doritos Collisions’ is the first new product launch from Doritos in years. This unique concept sees two great tasting flavours in just one bag.

It may sound bizarre, but it’s the latest, and possibly quirkiest, campaign from Doritos yet. In an era where viewer interest in watching 30-second ads is waning, Doritos is fighting back with non-traditional branded content. Or in this case, a wrestling match between mascots representing the four Doritos Collisions flavours.

Great branded content doesn’t come across as advertising and in doing so, stands a much better chance of getting passed along among peers. People only have so much time on their hands, and technology means they have more and more power to only watch what they want. Doritos seeks to engage people by providing them with digital and real-world brand experiences that are fun, memorable, and utlimately possess great talkability.

In the inaugural battle for your tastebuds, the characters (who are currently in training) are (drum roll please)…

He’s crazy for Chicken Sizzler flavour, it’s the Feathered Fury. Look closely, and you may spot Mr. Pearman himself! (MD of AMV BBDO)

Keeping it real for the Grilled Pepper flavour – The Griller.

Representing T-Bone Steak flavour – Tenacious T.

And last but certainly not least…carrying the hopes of Zesty Salsa flavour, all the way from Mexico, it’s El Zesto.

I hope you enjoy watching these, as much as we all enjoyed making them!

The driving platform for Doritos Collisions is through ‘The Gap Year’ reality web series – in collaboration with Bebo, the global social media network, and leading entertainment producer Endemol. ‘The Gap Year’ follows on from the phenomenal success of Sofia’s Diary and Kate Modern.

Doritos Collisions will be uniquely integrated into ‘The Gap Year’ experience which follows six lucky Bebo users from the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the US on a dream gap year visiting exotic locations across the globe. The Gap Year is the perfect platform for Doritos, who as a brand are continually looking to use new media in innovative campaigns to really engage and develop long term relationships with their 18-24 year old audience.

Digital is at the heart of the campaign, but the story unfolds across multiple platforms. A launch event is taking place at the SE1 club in London Bridge on 7th August, which sees the four flavours go head to head. Following the event, Doritos Collisions will go on a regional tour across six major cities in the UK. More info over at

Tickets anyone?

If you (plus 1) are interested in coming to the London launch event (7th August at SE1), just drop me an email with your full name and friends name, confirmation you’re 18+, and blog (if you have one – and there’s no obligation to blog about it). Places are limited so get in there fast! Also, the event is being filmed for Internet broadcast, so by attending this event you are consenting to potentially feature in the footage (no guarantees of Internet stardom sorry!).

Drama, drinks, and doodles…

7 Aug


I firstly just need to excuse myself for my sparser blogging recently. I did my neck in annoyingly by doing nothing which was quite awkward. Then I hurt my wrist quite badly at a roller disco, yes drunk, and I have learned my lesson! At this point I joined the “group for the accident prone” on Facebook. Shortly after, I went to a BBQ and slipped on a wet floor (sober this time) and managed to fracture my elbow. Rubbish.

Sorry that’s the end of my rant, and hopefully my injuries, as bad things supposedly come in threes. And poor Will has had a worse ordeal of his own so my sympathies go to him.


To cheer myself up I went to the Innocent Fete on Sunday, and had a chilled out day in the sun…yes the sun! Lots of loverly organic food, green stuff, crazy games, funky music, and smoothies of course!

My favourite stall I came across was for stuffyourdoodles, check out their website here. It does what it says on the tin. Kids draw funny doodles with their amazing imaginations, send it to stuffyourdoodles, and they hand make your personal design into a stuffed figure. They even use recycled fabrics so it’s green as well as cool. Simple but cool idea.

doodle.jpg toy.jpg

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