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Orange Film To Go: a new film from iTunes, every Thursday, from Orange

15 Sep

I’m excited to say that Cake has launched an experiential campaign for Orange’s latest film innovation Film To Go – a game changing brand partnership with Apple. Film To Go rewards all Orange customers, regardless of handset (and inclusive of broadband customers), with an iTunes movie rental on Orange every week on a Thursday. Just text POPCORN to 85060 wherever you are to get your rental code.

To excite consumers about the innovative new offer and to encourage downloads, Cake is implementing a six week experiential tour across the nation, starting today in London’s Victoria Station, and heading to Manchester Piccadilly, London Liverpool Street, Glasgow, London Paddington, and Leeds over the following weeks. Trained staff will inform passers about the key steps to download, and also hand out branded popcorn.

Film To Go movie rentals can be enjoyed at home (on a laptop, PC, or TV via a cable), or even out and about on an Apple mobile device – to watch whenever wherever suits them.

The experiential activity is designed to connect with people in the real world to drive adoption of the exciting new weekly film offer. We know that Orange customers already love to watch movies with Orange Wednesdays, but can’t always get to the cinema. Film To Go compliments Orange’s growing film portfolio, and answers this genuine consumer need. We hope that customers who have never previously thought to download a movie or watch one on the go, will now enjoy a whole new film experience with Orange.

It’s a smart move from Orange who are constantly looking for new ways to reward their customers. You can get more Film To Go details on the website here.


Hitler’s (very quick) response to the iPad

28 Jan

You weren’t the only one dreaming about the day the Apple’s tablet would be announced. That day has come for Hitler. And he is displeased to say the least…

South Park Mac vs. PC

3 May

iPhone what? It’s all about the Google phone

16 Mar

Well, admittedly it’s all just speculation at this stage, nevertheless I’ve seen some cool pics of the so-called Google Phone on a Google Blog. If it is indeed real, the iPhone has some serious competition!


The Google Phone brings the power of the internet in your pocket, in a simple and intuitive device.  It combines the traditional voice and SMS capabilities of phones with all the exciting Google services from the PC such as Search, Gmail, Maps, Blogger…

It kinda makes you wonder what Google are going to do next. Google cars? Google money? Maybe I’m just paranoid about Google taking over the world…

This reminds me of an Apple spoof I came across today, very funny.

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