David Lynch Signiture Cup Coffee = Inspired

16 May

If it wasn’t bizarre enough that David Lynch has his own line of coffee, he’s made a rather bizarre 4 minute long ad to promote it. Starring? A dubbed barbie’s doll’s head and David’s mesmerizing voice.

Strange as it may be, the strangeness itself is both disturbing and calming. On the one hand it makes absolutely no sense. But on the other hand it actually manages to land all the rational benefits plus emotionally put you in the mood through romanticism for a cup of hot joe. It’s simply inspired.

Enjoy David’s coffee here davidlynch.com/​coffee.


One Response to “David Lynch Signiture Cup Coffee = Inspired”

  1. soundtrackzdll May 30, 2011 at 7:50 pm #

    david is actually cute

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