Rob Clark on Growing Global Entertainment Brands

23 Sep

Last night Fremantle’s president of global entertainment, Rob Clark, gave a lovely chat at the APG evening. If you haven’t heard of the name, they’re the International production company responsible for programmes such as X Factor, Got Talent,  and The Price Is Right. So they’re a fucking big deal 🙂

Rob’s background isn’t marketing or advertising, and he didn’t give any direct advice about transforming the sort of brands we work on into big entertainment outfits, but he did speak from the heart about his experience at Fremantle (what more can you ask for). The evening gave me plenty of food for thought…

If entertainment outfits want to become more like brands, and (some) brands want to become more like entertainment outfits, how can we cross-pollinate?

Most product placement sucks.

Expert judgment (from the heart) over endless consumer testing, when it comes to never-been-seen-before entertainment.

Genres don’t die, or at least they don’t have to. They just need bringing into the modern day (i.e. Britain’s Got Talent is just a 21st century classic talent show).

Viewers want to dig deeper beyond the schedule – sort of in the same way consumers want to engage with brands on their own terms in their own time.

We talk about lighting bonfires, Rob talks about kissing a lot of frogs. That’s more my language…


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