You vs. YouTube

20 Sep

Trivial Pursuit have partnered with YouTube to create an interactive game “You vs. YouTube” to promote their new board game. It’s great to see an old school game pushing the boundaries again when it comes to digital. This campaign follows “Battle of the Sexes” which was also pretty awesome (and not just because women won!).

“You vs. YouTube” is an interactive version of the board game, but the twist is you’re taking on the biggest YouTube stars – including the the likes of Tay Zonday (of “Chocolate Rain” fame) and Harry and Charlie Davies-Carr of “Charlie Bit My Finger.”

There’s something quite fascinating about “Internet Celebrities”, and few brands have tapped into this strange phenomenon so kudos to Hasbro. And kudos to YouTube for corralling more than a dozen of their biggest stars from their site.

I just played against the bizarre ‘Numa Numa‘, and it was a rather delightful experience 🙂 (I won fyi…)


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