The real life Facebook “Like”

18 Aug

I haven’t been inspired to blog in a while, but I just came across this incredibly smart campaign from Coca-Cola – it seamlessly integrates an experiential event in the real-world with Facebook. Cue dodgy case study video with annoying voice over…

In a nutshell, at this year’s Coca-Cola Village event in Israel, they brought the Facebook “Like” into the real world. They distributed RFID-enabled wrist-bands (that were linked to Facebook profiles),  and inside the village were RFID “Like” receivers – if these were touched with a wrist-band it would push this out to the users profile. And get this, if they were photographed, the RFID technology would automatically tag everyone in the photo and upload it to everyone’s Facebook profiles. Awesome! On average each visitor posted 54 coke-branded “Likes” to Facebook.

Easy to participate? Check.

Socialability? Check.

Real-time relevance? Check.

Smart technology? Check.

Digital meets real world mash up? Check check.


One Response to “The real life Facebook “Like””

  1. Mark Sage August 18, 2010 at 12:26 pm #

    Love this idea. Reminds me a little of Poken type stuff, but this is much more mainstream.

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