Living in a post-digital world, and I am a post digital girl

24 Jun

Thanks to the ever-geeky ever-awesome Girl Geek Dinners. I had a fun filled day Saturday at the Apple Store and the likes of Regents Street shopping. The shopping was great, but it all kick-started with a talk on “the post digital world”, led by the lovely Jess Greenwood (of Contagious mag).

While some of us are still getting their heads around the confusing and cluttered digital world, others are looking to the future (and arguably the now). A world where there is no such distinction between online and offline, or at least the two are blurring together as one.

We talked about “the internet of things” –  a term used to desribe connecting real physical objects to the Internet (think of Nike+  as a digitally enhanced shoe). A fascinating topic. The possibilities are endless when you can connect anything to the Internet. Dull lifeless objects become full of meaning and brand new value.

Pepsi are teaming up with Sticky Bits to add new meaning to a can. Stickybits brings the physical and digital worlds together with barcode stickers which trigger audio, video, photo, and text messages when scanned. So that a dull lifeless can has the potential to unlock a deeper brand experience.

Nike Chalkbot is a robot programmed to paint text messages at the Tour de France cycle race (for those who can’t make it there in person). Essentially connecting the digital and real-world together in an inspirational and meaningful way. Those who submit messages even receive a photo of their message and the location at which it was painted. Neat stuff.

Guinness brought new meaning to Rugby via RFID technology. They placed RFID chips in rugby balls and sensors around rugby pitches to monitor players and the ball itself. This is because before this point in time it was practically impossible to gather rugby game statistics.  A simple idea which has revolutionized rugby!

And finally, did you know that some farmers tag their cows with RFID chips so they know where they are? If farmers have already caught on to the post digital, then maybe so should we!


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