Doritos ‘King of Ads’ finalists – get voting!

1 Jun

This is it! After 3 months and over 2,000 entries, the final three absolutely cracking user-generated Doritos ads have been announced. They’re so good, I might be out of a job 🙂 Who’s your favourite? Get voting at – the winner gets £100K PLUS £1 per vote (up to another £100K). Congrats and thanks to everyone involved.

Doritos Trio

Three intrepid Dorito lovers go on a quest to make the perfect viral, helping to spread the word about their favourite chips to the world. Daft, funny, memorable, and I’ve been saying #epicfail A LOT!

I like Doritos

Charles attempted to form a band using only a bag of Doritos, but neglected to take down anybody’s contact details – so he just did a song on his own. Warning, this song will get stuck in your head…

Attack on Westminster

An alien structure has stationed itself over the City of Westminster. After a shard breaks off and damages Big Ben, top scientists are brought in. Great production values and a smart ending that puts a smile on my face.


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