FAB stuff from the FAB awards

26 May

Monday night I had the pleasure of donning a lovely frock and paying the FAB awards a visit. For those who don’t know, that means the International “Food And Beverage Awards” – so lots of awesome creative from around the globe. Here are just some of the highlights of great stuff I’d never seen before…

Milk Jumpers

A memorable oh so funny ad for milk. Heaven help us if it’s true.

Coca Cola Velcro Billboard

Nice. But did it sell more coke?

Shredded Wheat ‘Putting the NO in innovation’

A great way to inject life into a product which essentially has no new news.

James Ready ‘Bar-ter Night’

Students Bar-Ter beer caps for “semi-awesome stuff”. Great idea.

Bud Light ‘Clothing Drive’

Semi-awesome idea. I guess a bit of nudity goes a long way…


The lovely people from the FAB awards sent me some great pics. Here’s me and the rest of the BBDO table 9 crew picking up network of the year (hello to anyone from BBDO NY reading this!).

And here’s me and fellow blogger Be enjoying a glass of bubbly 🙂


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