Virgin Media give something back to consumers with their ‘Speed of Light’ installation

19 Apr

With the glorious weather in London this weekend, I decided to pop over to the Southbank to check out Virgin Media’s free ‘Speed of Light’ installation. The immersive light and sound installation was in celebration of 10 years of broadband in the UK. Which as a digital bod, obviously makes me very happy 🙂 Fortunately I went along with a couple of mates – because the experience was actually rather dark and scary!

Once my eyes had adjusted, I quite enjoyed the experience.  I watched hesitantly as a series of laser-based experimental light works flowed through the labyrinthine spaces of the Bargehouse.

On entering, we were asked to speak into a suspended microphone to answer questions displayed on the wall in front of us. Our answers subsequently  eerily followed us around the building as we explored the various installations over four floors.

In conclusion, a beautiful and memorable way for Virgin to celebrate an anniversary. They could have settled with TV, but with the help of Borkowski they decided to give something back to consumers instead. Top marks.


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