Any Sandwich is more exciting with Walkers (and we proved it)

17 Mar

When tasked with finding a way to tell the world that Walkers makes any sandwich better (and research suggests they really do!), we decided that just saying it wasn’t enough. So instead, we went that extra mile to really prove it. The town of Sandwich is a beautiful place, but a quiet one. So for three days, we transformed Sandwich into the most fun, enjoyable place in the whole country (to their complete surprise!).

We did this with some unbelievable live events. JLS played an impromptu gig for the sixth form students, Frank Lampard provided football coaching for the local team, Jenson Button picked up residents in the guise of local cabbie, Pamela Anderson poured pints down the pub, alongside quizmater Al Murray, and Marco Pierre White served up his very own special brand of gourmet sandwiches at the town market. All in the name of proving that Walkers can make any sandwich more exciting.

Here’s some of the best bits from our YouTube brand channel

As passive forms of communication increasingly fail to cut-through with consumers, it’s no longer enough to just tell people stuff. You need people to really experience it. This campaign actively engaged people in a deeper and more meaningful way, and got them participating with the idea. Which is much more suited to today’s digital age. A phenomenoal team effort here at AMV in developing and crafting the campaign, including months of top secret planning.

As ever, I’d love to know what people think. Good, bad, ugly, comments welcome 🙂


3 Responses to “Any Sandwich is more exciting with Walkers (and we proved it)”

  1. Hirsute Gentleman March 17, 2010 at 2:45 pm #

    Nice PR friendly, big idea dramatising a simple premise ‘Walkers makes any sandwich better.’

    I’m interested to see what the rest of the campaign looks like, i.e. how are you planning to utilise the footage acquired from this initial stunt?

    Can you reveal any of that at this time? or does your adoring public have to keep all arms inside the carriage and wait patiently…

  2. nicspic2608 March 17, 2010 at 6:51 pm #

    No, no more secrets! The strength of the campaign is all in the content – getting people to see the content, and getting people to share it.

    We do have a simple campaign site to host everything, and you’ll find that every bit of content can be shared in numerous ways (i.e. Facebook, email, embed, twitter). But the bulk of the digital activity has been to distribute content and generate buzz through social media. We already had a bunch of existing channels to utilise (Facebook, Twitter, eCRM), and we’ve done additional activity on top of this (YouTube, blogger outreach, viral seeding).

    The danger we felt was over-complicating the campaign, so we kept it really simple. We started by involving people on a local level, and then engaging the nation with what we did.


  1. The Hallway :: Creative Agency :: +61 2 9310 3400 - May 18, 2010

    […] Rather than telling people their chips make sandwiches better, Walkers, and their agency AMV, wanted to prove it. They took over the town of Sandwich in Kent and for three days made it the most fun enjoyable place in the country. […]

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