Outdoor Augmented Reality: A rich experience minus all the clunkiness

13 Oct

I’m still pretty sceptical about the mainstream appeal of Augmented Reality. Yeah yeah yeah I always blog about it but I’m a geek okay 🙂

There seems to be too much faffing – what with downloading software, printing stuff out, turning on your web cam, etc etc. But I’ve recently come across two very interesting AR outdoor campaigns. This seems like a great idea to me. Consumers get all the rich experience, minus all the faffing.

In this example, passerbys become a part of the film Coraline leaving them with a lasting impact (and button eyes!). Besides Augmented Reality, the signage also utilises audio, gesture-based interactivity, video, and holographic displays. Found via.

This was an outdoor advertising campaign  for the TV series Vampire Diaries. It appeared in Los Angeles and New York and utilized augmented reality to make your reflection disappear (just like a vampire!), leaving background figures, cars, etc still in plain view.  It also featured Bluetooth. Found via.

What I like about both of these campaigns is that they use sophisticated technology, but in a way that has mainstream appeal. The people in these videos have probably never heard of Augmented Reality, and quite frankly that doesn’t matter.

I’m warming to Augmented Reality but only when it’s either a) Useful (such as this USPS and IKEA), or b) entertaining (but easy to interact with).

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