Dixon’s Ballsy Tube Ad

1 Oct

I get the tube several times a day, and while I look at the ads, few generally stick in my mind. Until I came across this brilliant feather rustling Dixon’s ad. Awesome insightful planning.


The client must have had a lot of balls to sign this off (which I admire). It’s mocking but in a clever and relevant way – it struck a nerve with me because it’s true! Rarely do I have a connection with an ad I see on the underground to feel compelled to blog about it.

Despite no name dropping…Harrods,  John Lewis, Selfridges, to name but a few, are all riled with some even threatening legal action.

Bravo to Dixons for being ballsy enough to say what we were all thinking anyway. I’d love to see some retaliation advertising to really get the conversation going…


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