Office Life – do you want to hit a co-worker? Do you surf the net to waste time?

15 May

A fascinating survey arrived in my inbox about Office Life in the UK. The survey reveals some stark results! It seems since the start of the recession, almost a third of office workers “can’t see the point in their job”. We’re a really angry bunch right now!


Office Flirting

36% of Londoners say they enjoy flirting with colleagues. This figure is higher in Scotland with almost 6 in ten saying they flirt with co-workers. Randy bunch.

Office Violence

40% of London office workers have “felt like hitting a colleague in the past year” compared with just 16% of people in the South West. And it’s not a stereotype, it seems the over 65’s are the most angry – over half of the grumpy lot say they want to hit their younger line managers!

As David Brent once said…

If your boss is getting you down, look at him through the prongs of a fork and imagine him in jail.

Office Theft

Only 27% of Londoners have stolen from the office, compared to a whacking four in ten Welsh people admitting to stealing.

Surfing the Net

44% of Londoners surf the net to waste time. Who are we kidding, we all do that!

Now I wonder if blogging counts as wasting time…


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