April Fools – Brands getting in on the action

1 Apr

Happy April Fools all! I’m sure there’s a lot more out there, but here are just some of the branded April Fool’s I have come across today…

First off, Waitrose are selling us pinanas. Is that the best you could do Waitrose? Image via Nick.


The Guardian announced it will become the first newspaper ever to be published exclusively via Twitter. Oh Guardian, you are “sooo of the moment”.


Creative Review got the scoop on the official typeface for the 2012 London Olympics. Comic Sans! But of course.


Even the BBC have been up to some tricks – porting their nifty iPlayer to a toaster, given the emerging breakfast tv market. You laugh, but heck I’d love one of these!


And last of all, the guys at YouTube have gone totally doo-lally and just flipped everything upside down. Just add flip=1 to the end of a YouTube URL. It might be today only so hurry!


One Response to “April Fools – Brands getting in on the action”

  1. Daisy April 1, 2009 at 6:22 pm #

    Thanks for sharing these. I got an email from Virgin this morning offering the opportunity to
    “Put a ring on it at 30,000 feet!”

    and then I got lead here:

    ah well!

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