Amazon Vine Programme. Amazing.

25 Mar

This sort of digital gets me really excited. Apparently Amazon launched their Amazon Vine™ programme back in 2007 (I’m seriously feeling a bit behind the curve!). Apologies for the copy and paste job, but this short paragraph from Amazon sums it up beautifully…

Amazon Vine™ is a programme that enables a select group of Amazon customers to post opinions about new and pre-release items to help their fellow customers make educated purchase decisions. Customers are invited to become Vine Voices based on the trust they have earned in the Amazon community for writing accurate and insightful reviews. Amazon provides Vine members with free copies of products that have been submitted to the programme by publishers or manufacturers. Amazon does not influence the opinions of Vine members.

Amazon are giving back to the people who have contributed to the community with their ‘good’ reviews. I say ‘good’ but this doesn’t neccessarily been positive – Amazon have always embraced the bad reviews along with the good. If only more brands could accept this sort of openness. And it pays off – accurate reviews means that people trust Amazon. And trust is more critical than ever during recession.


2 Responses to “Amazon Vine Programme. Amazing.”

  1. James March 25, 2009 at 1:52 pm #

    This is so tempting to try and get on… typically, I expect they’ll keep the requirements a secret so as to enhance the aspirational draw.

    Which is *totally* working on me.

  2. Rick May 22, 2009 at 4:30 am #

    Just received my invite this week. Missed a free $400 digital camera by 5 minutes.

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