Doritos – Doing great stuff, from entertainment to utility

15 Oct

Let me start with Hotel626. Holy sh*t. Snack Strong Productions has unveiled a genuinely horrifying website – apparently promoting their new taco flavours, yet without a single crisp in sight. Hotel626 is only open from 6pm to 6am (but you can cheat and get in whenever by changing the time on your computer clock). If you’re gutsy enough, be prepared to waste some serious time on this site. And if you have a web cam, be prepared for a truly interactive experience.

Doritos are not only entertaining us, but making our Internet experience just like a bag of Doritos – filled only with the stuff you like. A branded utility if you like. Doritos are offering a plug-in that lets users fill banner ads with anything from family photos to facebook profiles. As ever, there’s a mixture of ‘hype’ chucked in with ‘it’s all been done before’, but I think it’s quite neat and a good fit for Doritos. The YouTube video says it all.



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