Send Maria to Brazil!

30 Sep

My friend Maria at AMV is pitching for the opportunity to go to Brazil to help non-profit organisations promote what they do. With only one place up for grabs, the competition is tough. Maria needs to convince our bosses she’s the right girl for the challenge, and I couldn’t agree more.

Rather than just explaining her commitment to the cause, our Maria has taken action getting people behind her – check out (and join!) her Facebook group.

Here’s my contributing pitch…

Maria studied chemistry so is handy with a bunsen burner. I think this will come in handy when she saves Brazil’s natural resources.

I just read it’s normal for Brazilian men to stare at women. I think she would thrive on this opportunity : )

She once attended Notting Hill carnival. Brazil is known for their carnivals.

Scotch eggs are her favourite savoury snack. Did you know some variants are made with brazil nuts? This must be more than just a coincidence!

I think Maria played football once. Brazil are obsessed with footballing. It’s fate!

So support Maria in her career defining moment.

And finally, I think our Maria would really rock this outfit!

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