Immerse yourself in reactive technology

4 Sep

A friend sent me this cool demo showcased at the Interactive Digital Advertising in LA. It’s from Reactrix – essentially, technology that reacts to consumer interaction. It places people right in the heart of advertising.

Another friend pointed out that this technology isn’t new, and therefore I shouldn’t be hyping it up. I’d like to think I’m not one of those to hype generate (I hope!) anyways. It may not be ground-breakingly new, but there’s another point to make here. RFID, GPS, mobile – these things aren’t ‘new’, but most have many uses and opportunities that are simply unexploited by brands. Perhaps this is down to budget, but I believe it’s lack of forward thinking and imagination. And another thing…until these technologies enter mainstream culture, and people become accustomed to engaging and interacting with brands in this way, these cool so-called “new” things are bound to be hyped up years after their creation. So check out the ol’ thing. New? Old? Who cares…

I also quite like this from Reactrix – a game system that works like a controller-free Wii. Its probably old 😦

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