Augmented iPhone – the real world and digital world is colliding

21 Aug

This is pretty cool for you fellow geeks out there (hello?). Using augmented reality technology, this application allows you to overlay 3D graphics over your real life mobile view of the world. Check out the demo below and you’ll see what I mean.

Smart technology such as this creates huge opportunities for brands to enhance our real-world experiences, or simply create engaging brand experiences. This technology isn’t radically new, it’s evolving, and yet very few brands are grabbing such opportunities. Perhaps this sort of thing is still too close to the geek world, and yet to enter the cultural vernacular.

Radio 1 played around with this technology back in May which allowed people to have their favourite band playing live in the palm of their hands – check out my post here. I also posted something very similar to this particular mobile application back in February 2007 here – so it’s certainly nothing new, but hopefully it’ll catch on soon enough…

Found via Rubbishcorp (R) – who’s blog I recently discovered and simply can’t get enough of!


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