Mobile Phone Games – A Public Spectacle

24 Jul

The latest project from MegaPhone, a mobile gaming company, sees a multiplayer game in Times Square where people can interact with random rivals they’re battling on screen. An interesting way of connecting with strangers in a public place.

Players dial a phone number, then avatars representing the callers pop up on a big screen billboard, identified by the last four digits of their number. Use your keypad or shout into your handset (must look crazy no?) to control the game.

Via Wired.

MegaPhone productions are using their mutliplayer technology at NBA games, conferences, and even  supermarket aisles. A great way to pass time in my opinion.

This has interesting opportunities for brands who are continually striving to connect with people in new and exciting ways. This smart technology allows them to be a facilitator of relationships and connectedness, in turn resulting in an entertaining and useful brand experience. Watch this space…

On a random note, damn I want to go back to New York…


4 Responses to “Mobile Phone Games – A Public Spectacle”

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