I’m back in action, what’s the blog goss?!?

7 Jul

After a blinding holiday in Ibiza (did that ever really happen?), I’m back to work. And back to blogging . After a long spell away from the t’internet it was hard to know where to start. So without further ado, here’s a few things I kinda feel like sharing that I stumbled upon.

This is all the brain can musta today, so hopefully you can enjoyable this posts in all it’s grammar & spelling mistaken gloryiousness…

Pixel Street Art

Is it digital? Is it real? Is is art? All of the above?? What can I say, I love this shit.

Via PicoCool.

YouChoose / YouTube

Fed up staring at YouTube videos? Want to get involved?! YouChoose turns The Godfather into an interactive movie adventure. Perhaps not the most polished experience, but a taster of exciting interactive video experience to come…

Via HyperHappen.

I Feel London

Explore London by your mood (feeling naughty?) with I Feel London. Anything with a Google Maps mash-up gets my digital juices flowing. As well as sharing your own tips, you can see what other people like to do when they feel hungover, romantic, energetic etc. There’s one for NYC too, (the best city in the world!).

Via Andy.

Monster.com Foosball

Something wrong with this picture fellas? There’s a ballerina in a foosball match! And she is never able to kick the ball. (Not sure if I’m slightly offended by that?!?) What I do like though, it directly expresses a job mismatch – reminding you to look for a job using Monster.com.

Via directdaily.


Here’s another stab at making YouTube slightly less drivelous (is that a word?). From the awesome Poke NY, comes upl8.tv. Up late wathing mindless nonsense on YouTube? Watch it here and just hit space bar when you’re bored. Search by your own video-tastes by throwing a search term after the backslash. Check it out in all it’s next next next glory!!

Via Not Yellow, Chicken.


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