There is no justice, only stress!

1 Jun

I have been following French electronic band Justice‘s 80’s retro happy music videos at this post here. But their new video ‘Stress‘ replaces all this happiness with a deep, brooding, violent, and highly controversial video. The so-called “pop video” sees an extremely tough-looking gang of youths smash their way through the streets of Paris. Knocking down anyone and anything that gets in their path – they even turn on the filmmakers themselves, that’s if you can watch till the end.

Members are identified by hoodies adorned with Justice’s cross logo. It sparks controversy about the glorification of violence and racism.

I can’t quite realise whether I actually like it or not, but it definitely makes for compelling viewing and I’m not going to forget it. And it certainly makes me feel somewhat stressed! I guarantee it won’t be on TV, so check it out here (if you dare). Some people will be offended, you have been warned.

Director: Romain Gavras

Electronic band: Justice

Record Label: Ed Banger Records


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  1. There is no justice, only stress! - June 1, 2008

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