Sony ‘Foam City’ – stunning or just plain froth?

14 Apr

What was rumoured to be the next Sony Bravia spot ‘Foam City’ – is actually Sony’s new spot for their line of camcorders and cameras. Found via Angus.

Their PR team at Immediate Future worked hard to give bloggers exclusive content, and even flew bloggers around the world to the shoot of the ad.

Check it out. Stunning or just plain froth?

In 2005 they dropped 250,000 super balls on San Francisco, in 2006 they blew up 70,000 liters of paint in Glascow, in 2007 they released 2.5 tons of Play-Doh bunnies in New York City, and in 2008 they filled a Miami street with 460 million liters of foam. Whatever next?! Is this trick getting a bit old now?

Sony created a buzz to build suspense in advance of the launch of the new ad by leaking footage through bloggers and on YouTube. Here’s where all the excitement started…


One Response to “Sony ‘Foam City’ – stunning or just plain froth?”

  1. Amelia April 15, 2008 at 1:46 pm #

    Wish that it had had more “magic” in the execution to be quite honest. The idea of capturing those transient passing moments of beauty is a lovely one, but it could have been more powerful I feel.
    Being a web 2.0 geek I also love the fact that this is for real and the capturing of real emotion and engagement, but it is starting to feel a tiny bit expected.
    (but contrary to the rest of the world liked it more than their new Bud ad)

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