Cadbury Trucks. Well it made me smile…

31 Mar

The long awaited follow up from Cadbury Gorilla has finally arrived! Cadbury Trucks. It follows on quite well with another surreal concept, no direct product messaging, and with just enough character to provide us with a short burst of enjoyment. As ever, much interesting debate going on over at Scamp blog.

Having only launched on Saturday, the blogosphere is already filled with “not as good as Gorilla” type comments. Fair point perhaps. But must the ad industry have the same debate every time an agency does a cracking ad. I can assure you most consumers are not wasting their time with this debate, and are simply smiling at the charm of this ad. There’s already two appreciation groups set up on Facebook.

It’s been very amusing to see the reactions round the office to this today – what started with confused expressions and furrowing brows, has now changed to smiles all around. Is this not the same reaction we got from Gorilla?

I wonder who will be the first to spoof it, there’s already a dig at BA here at YouTube but it’s not much of a spoof.

They’ve also spruced up the site a bit more now – see it here – by the lovely people at HyperHappen.

One Response to “Cadbury Trucks. Well it made me smile…”

  1. Amelia April 15, 2008 at 1:47 pm #

    Just a dull ad I am afraid.

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