Participatory technology

25 Jan

Ok, so I seem to have a bit of a thing for posting cool digital stuff “beyond the banner” so to speak – Philips ‘Daylight’ concept and Elle MacPhersons interactive storefront for example. What can I say, media convergence just gets me rather excited. (Loser I hear you say?!)

I just stumbled across another uber cool example – it’s called “gesture based technology” from Orange. At first glance it does look like just another slick touch-screen interface, but this one is different! You don’t even need to touch it to activate it, you only need to wave your hands, hence “gesture based technology”.

Apparently it’s bit of a technological first, but I’m not quite sure about that. Philips ‘Daylight’ reacts to your movements and the Elle Macpherson thing uses a nifty bit of technology called Human Locator in the storefront that tracks full body movement in real-time. It’s not like the technology itself is mind blowing, it’s just that it’s smart and simple and depends heavily on consumer participation which is why I like it. It demonstrates a cultural shift as consumers are actively seeking entertaining experiences across dispersed media platforms. Goodbye passive media…

Created by The Alternative who called themselves an “engagement agency”.



2 Responses to “Participatory technology”

  1. Sunpat January 28, 2008 at 12:22 am #

    Hey Nic!

    Smart blog, impressed its been going a year yet I’ve completely missed it.

    You probably know about it already, but Google Analytics is awesome for tracking traffic, referring links and all sorts of crazy stats and its dead easy to add to a blog.

    Hope you’re well, will definately see you in 2008.


    ps. are you using or pandora?

  2. nicspic2608 January 28, 2008 at 5:24 pm #

    I’m a closet nerd don’t you know! Glad you like it – my blog turns 1 tomorrow 🙂

    I already get good stats with wordpress, but I do like Google Analytics so might think about that one.

    Don’t really use either of those – I listen to people’s ipod music as it’s all shared on itunes at work. But if I was it would be for me.

    Definitely meet up in 08 Pato!! Too long…

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