WWF – Get on Board

28 Oct



I’ve blogged about climate change and green things a fair bit, so it’s only right I give a mention to this great innovative new campaign from WWF to strengthen the Climate Change Bill – more here.


There is a lot of talk of climate change at the moment, and many brands (MTV for example) trying to get a bit of the action. Amongst all this clutter and confusion, it’s becoming more and more difficult for consumers to identify what they can really do to make a difference. You can’t help but notice that awareness is at an all time high, with action falling drastically behind.

That’s why I really like ‘Get on Board’…


1) It stands out from the rest – the idea is pretty crazy, but hey it works. Clever dudes at Poke.

“We’re going to construct a giant paper boat and giant paper plane and deliver them to parliament. They will be covered in the names of the people who have pledged their support for our call for a strong, effective Climate Change Bill.”

2) It’s really easy to take action. No I mean really easy. In a matter of seconds…I had signed up to the petition, and even contacted my local MP to ensure they strengthen the bill.


They’ve even got a blog to follow this amazing story. You can also ‘tell a friend‘ (but only one at a time apparently!)

Thanks to Asi for telling me all about this…


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