Onslaught. Another positive ad from Dove.

3 Oct

Kudos to Dove for another great (yet slightly controversial) ad following the popular award winning Evolution. Okay, so it’s not ground-breaking, but it’s great to see Dove still putting such a positive message out there to kids. ‘Onslaught’ dramatises what girls are subjected to in today’s advertising and size zero era. Shocking really.

This message really hits home with me. Just the other day I was reading a magazine which actually recommended girls to eat dull food so that you get bored with it and eat less. Ridiculous. It got worse. It then told you to ditch your fat friends as they might make you fatter. What sort of message is this sending to young girls?? I think this message is important. Talk to your daughter before the beauty industry does…

Found at Scamp, made by Ogilvy.


One Response to “Onslaught. Another positive ad from Dove.”

  1. osmacht October 3, 2007 at 11:56 pm #

    Another excellent ad from Ogilvy.

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