Sony begin to tease us…with play doh?!

31 Aug

Following the first great ad, the funny spoof, the second terrible ad (in my opinion), and the less funny but okay second spoof, the hype for the next Bravia ad has already began! Lots of posts already out there in the blogosphere, so of course I’m jumping on the hype wagon. Nice pics here…

bravia_playdoh_image_1_thmb.jpg bravia_playdoh_image_4_thmb.jpg

bravia_playdoh_image_6_thmb.jpg bravia_playdoh_image_7_thmb.jpg

These are just some of the images you can find at We don’t know a lot, but some intriguing things we do know are…

  • 2.5 tones of plasticine on set
  • 40 animators
  • 3 weeks
  • 189 2 ft bunnies
  • 150 1 ft cubes
  • 10ft x20 ft purple wave
  • 30ft giant rabbit
  • 6 cameras
  • 40 animators working through 4 hours generated 4 seconds of footage
  • 40 animators working on the same scene had never been attempted before
  • The 60 second spot will be constructed of approximately 100,000 stills

Interesting huh?! If I’m honest, I’m actually quite excited about seeing the next ad. But probably more so the spoof that will undoubtedly follow…



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