Mobile Digital Art: bringing the real-world and the digital space even closer together

14 Aug

There’s been more and more talk recently (including myself!) about the blurring of the digital space with the physical real-world around us. I find this topic very exciting! My original post here.


I came across this great example today – where scientists have found a way to put digital art on city monuments in Edinburgh, which is revealed when a picture is taken on your mobile phone. Cool huh.

This technology works by people taking a snaps of a location with their mobile phone, then using MMS to send the picture to Spellbinder. Powerful image-matching algorithms are used to analyse the image that can deal with pictures of the same place being taken under different light conditions or from different angles. Once Spellbinder has worked out the location of an image it sends back an image with the extra ‘hidden art’ added to it.

This is an interesting way of adding value and meaning to the real-world through smart digital technology, with consumer participation at the heart. It also demonstrates the blurring of digital and real-world locations through mobile technology. See, mobile can be used for more exciting stuff than just ‘text to lose’ campaigns.

As more brands face up to this bigger integration, I think we’re going to see some really exciting, and potentially useful stuff, (along with some horrible intrusive stuff too I imagine!).

Found here.


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