A much BIGGER integration is upon us – the colliding of our digital and real-life worlds

25 Jul

Thanks to PSFK, originally at IF!, for posting this thought-provoking presentation by Tribal DDB (an ex agency of mine) on the new digital landscape blurring with the real world. There is a much BIGGER integration taking place, where technology is gradually disappearing from our view but also the real world is waking up. Although this is not an entirely new subject, it’s only recently that we are really seeing the reality of this with heightened consumer involvement and smart use of technology.

Take a look – it makes you take a step back, and look at the bigger picture of what’s going on around us!

Matt Dyke identifies the key trends that really emphasise this blur, and there are some really interesting examples of brands engaging in new and exciting ways. Though underlying all of this is the power of consumers. Here are some of my favourite examples, some taken from the video, and some of my own!

  • Nintendo Wii – great example of real world interactions with digital objects
  • Crowd gaming – brilliantly entertaining and deeper interaction (sort of group Wii experience), shows how people also share digital experiences in real-world communities
  • Arcade reality – this mobile application overlays objects digitally on your real-life mobile view, shows how we can add value to the real-world through technology
  • MINI talking billboards – simple smart technology, brilliant personalisation and shows how objects can talk to each other
  • Orange spot the bull – simple idea using GPS which created a big buzz in the blogosphere, demonstrates the blurring of digital and real-world locations

Interesting stuff. But remember, the technology is just the enabler, it is the consumer’s participation in communications which is making this big big integration come to life. Brands need to think about the added role they can play and how they can be creative with smart technology.


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