Nice and green

4 Jul

I’ve seen lots of loverly green things about, it’s the hot topic of the moment, and brands are taking notice…

This sewing website is a beautiful interactive experience where you can stitch away (quite literally). What’s nice is how it involves multiple users so you feel part of the big cause. This sort of mass participation is becoming more and more popular.


This campaign by MTV is all about targeting yoof cultcha to reduce carbon emissions, but mainly it just looks cool! MTV Switch has public service announcements and online resources promoting green lifestyle choices, all backed by huge celebs.


And a deserving winner at Cannes, in a world’s first, ‘Earth Hour’ saw Sydney turn off its lights for one hour at 7.30pm on Saturday March 31 2007. Shows just how we can all make a difference!

Anf finally, if you use iTunes for your music, I stumbled across this great site – Tunes for Trees. For every 1o songs you purchase, a tree will be planted for you!


I wonder what brand will be next to jump on the green bandwagon!

One Response to “Nice and green”

  1. marty mcdonald July 11, 2007 at 4:33 am #

    I love the sewing site. Thanks for that!

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