The word on the street…CashtoBuzz

27 Jun

Check out this hilarious video – possibly the future of word-of-mouth marketing. Not real but funny! pays kids to talk about brands to strangers.

 “Buss Marketing is the next big thing. CashtoBuzz is a remarkable business that helps viralinate your brand”. –Montgomery Shopper 

Even though the video is a bit silly, it’s still interesting because consumers place far more trust in fellow consumers than in traditional advertisers [Nielson says so]. They may be onto something! Saying that, I don’t think I’d be happy with this sort of meddling marketing.

And hey, I talk about brands all the time. And I’m not getting paid for it (much)!

One Response to “The word on the street…CashtoBuzz”

  1. Antony Mayfield July 1, 2007 at 2:46 pm #

    Shameless and shameful: if this horrible charlatanry catches on people will be wise to it in no time. In the same way as we’re immediately suspicious when a brand emails or sends post to us – to the point of deleting or throwing the communication away before looking at it – we’ll just ignoring hipsters casually

    Attention and trust: the moment you pay for it is the moment it is worth less.

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