Digital universe? Or just another channel…

20 Jun


Well firstly, I need to briefly apologise for my complete lack of blogging recently. With no Internet at home, and starting my new job at iChameleon, things have been a bit hectic. But I’m almost back in action now!

Coming back to work in this fascinating “digital” industry got me thinking about what “digital” is all about. What exactly do I mean when I say “digital”? And I say it a lot! Some say that “digital” is just another channel, not to be viewed in awe. I guess there are some merits for this given the over-hype surrounding it. Digital seems to frighten overreaction in clients, and agencies too. And I don’t think the digital space should be anything to fear. Embrace it! There seems to be a lot of wasted energy from brands trying to conquer the digital space, and often getting it all wrong. Arguably HMW’s plans to launch their own social networking site seems a bit of a waste.

Others say “digital” is not another channel, it’s the place we live in and a way of life. Digital has changed the way we live our lives and communicate with one another. It affects our whole world. Well this makes it sound way more important so I kinda like this view.

BBH take the view on “digital” that brands come first, and the channel comes second. Okay. But what about the consumer?! Or people? I recently joined the Facebook group “stop calling me a consumer“. Very important to remember as we often get bogged down in “digital” jargon and forget the basics.

So in this “digital” space is there such a thing is a “digital consumer”? With the power of social media it has become apparent that digital consumers are a force to be reckoned with as they play rough with brands online. But I don’t think that makes digital consumers any different. Perhaps it’s just that digital technology has enabled consumers / people to have more power than previously. I think there’s a difference there.

Well best get back to new work now, in this crazy “digital”industry / life / world / channel that I work in.


One Response to “Digital universe? Or just another channel…”

  1. Amelia Torode June 20, 2007 at 10:44 pm #

    Not sure that you can truly be a digital girl with no bloody internet at home!
    Anyway, hope that the first week is going ok and remember you can always come back…

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