MapMyName…the truth is out there

26 Apr


According to statistics, there are 1,018,057,389 Internet Users in the world [Source: Internet World Stats, January 2006]. But that’s just not good enough for two guys from Portugal, who have embarked on a crazy project to map all the Internet users in the world at MapMyName.

The precise number. In a month. Surely not?! The absurd calculations goes something along the lines of every Internet user tells three friends, and so on.  The calculations leave something to be desired. Not to mention language barriers.

Maybe it’s because I like ambitious people like me, or just can’t resist a Google mash-up, but I thought I’d do my bit and spread the word. It’s only day 5 and there’s a whole month to go! Join at MapMyName.

One Response to “MapMyName…the truth is out there”


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