Ad Bitching

30 Mar

I’m not entirely sure if these superb ads are all real, but I like them anyway. And they seem to be generating a lot of ‘word of mouse’ and diggs, and not surprising as people are very passionate about cars. It’s actually quite interesting if any are user-generated. As this highlights todays DIY Remix culture where people make mash-ups and actually create content for brands.

BMW vs. Mercedes. Owch…


 BMW vs. Audi. Priceless…


 Audi vs. BMW. Ooh good come back!


Subura takes on Audi & BMW. Kinda highlights the fact that their car is pretty ugly!


BMW subtlely mocks Jaguar. Nice…


One Response to “Ad Bitching”

  1. vasko June 30, 2008 at 2:22 pm #

    run biiitch ruuuun

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