Mobile Metamorphosis

27 Feb

Last night I went to the Chinwag Live mobile event in Soho with key industry speakers discussing the mobile landscape. For me, personally, it focused too much on trade marketing and discussions about data, rather than the consumer experience and what mobile means to them.  Nevertheless, a few interesting topics did emerge throughout the night:

  • Personal expression – the idea that downloading mobile content actually delivers social benefits – for example music downloads that allow users to share ‘cool’ content with your friends.
  • Privacy – while a unique benefit to mobile is that it is more location-specific than any other medium, the drawbacks of this are that people may find this too intrusive – i.e. would you feel comfortable receiving an SMS 2 for 1 offer for McDonalds as you’re walking past your local?
  • Free vs. paid – while more and more people are becoming regular downloaders of mobile content – they are reluctant to pay for it – perhaps this promises a bright future for mobile user-generated content and ad-supported content?

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