Gmail goes Global and Mobile

8 Feb

In the Guardian’s digital digest  I read that Google is to finally open its email service Gmail to all users globally  – this has only been available by invite-only (though everyone seems to have one!). This is just another step in Google taking over our lives – they already rule search, and email is the second most popular online activity (after search) so the move seems pretty obvious.

Google are also expecting to launch a mobile version of Gmail, with similar functionality. Google is always with us!


One Response to “Gmail goes Global and Mobile”

  1. Amelia February 15, 2007 at 10:07 am #

    Gmail is a great example of creating buzz. Clients ask how they can “create” buzz online – the answer seems to be create great stuff that people want to engage with and it is basic human nature that they will talk about you. I remember being so envious of my first techy friends who had a Gmail account – seemed to mark them out as being smart, in the know and at the cutting edge! Wonder what their next “must have” will be?

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