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Her Morning Elegance / Oren Lavie

1 Feb

Brilliant music video from Israeli singer songwriter Oren Lavie - watch it before T-Mobile or some other unimaginative brand rips it off. ‘Her Morning Elegance’ depicts a magical dreamscape that constantly moves until the restless woman sleepwalks her way to a morning elegance.

Go here for everything you could possibly know about this gorgeous video.

There is no justice, only stress!

1 Jun

I have been following French electronic band Justice‘s 80′s retro happy music videos at this post here. But their new video ‘Stress‘ replaces all this happiness with a deep, brooding, violent, and highly controversial video. The so-called “pop video” sees an extremely tough-looking gang of youths smash their way through the streets of Paris. Knocking down anyone and anything that gets in their path – they even turn on the filmmakers themselves, that’s if you can watch till the end.

Members are identified by hoodies adorned with Justice’s cross logo. It sparks controversy about the glorification of violence and racism.

I can’t quite realise whether I actually like it or not, but it definitely makes for compelling viewing and I’m not going to forget it. And it certainly makes me feel somewhat stressed! I guarantee it won’t be on TV, so check it out here (if you dare). Some people will be offended, you have been warned.

Director: Romain Gavras

Electronic band: Justice

Record Label: Ed Banger Records meets YouTube: Music TV Goodness

16 May

This is a pretty cool mash up. Enter your band, and moments later you’re watching your own music channel. Sweet! Stop by here and give it a go.

How do you get a band in your hand?

13 May

People who applied for tickets for Radio 1′s Big Weekend but didn’t get one were given a URL link to a secret page where they could download some augmented reality software. What’s that?! Essentially it allowed people to have The Fratellis playing live in their hand. Pretty cool demo.

I heart Justice Music Videos

23 Apr

If you like the 80s pop culture and retro-styled logos you’ll love these music videos from French electronic band ‘Justice’ – simple but truly brilliant.

DVNO [Via Visual Affection]

This video treats the lyrics of the song with retro looking 3D logos, straight from out of the 80s. A treat for all you motion graphics folks.

D.A.N.C.E [Via Cool Hunter]

This video follows two guys as they charge through a nightclub. As they move, their T-shirts act as projection screens for a myriad of evolving graphic prints and patterns [created by the art director of Justice's label Ed Banger]. Following its  release, a number of its featured T-shirt designs were put up for sale causing a frenzy amongst the music-nerd elite and the fashion frantic alike.


7 Apr

Brilliant new vid (and song) from Goldfrapp. Guaranteed to make you smile on this Monday morning…

Happiness video, Goldfrapp, directed by Dougal Wilson, production company: Colonel Blimp

Via Creative Review.


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