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Doritos Collisions – watch the flavours go head-to-head

1 Sep

If you haven’t heard about the new Doritos wrestling campaign, check out my original post here. The launch event took place at SE1 London Bridge, and a random and hilarious affair it was. If you weren’t lucky enough to be there, check out the highlights here of a giant pepper body-slamming a bull, and a crazy chicken clotheslining a 6-foot tomato.

Thanks to Will and Adam for stopping by…

Disney does digital beyond the browser

26 Aug

Nice example from Disney here of interesting digital beyond the browser. This short clip is a great demonstration of people sharing digital experiences in real-world communities. I say people, in this case I mean kids. Kids that are growing up with technology as part of their lives, and are comfortable immersing themselves with digital technology.

Disney’s ‘Stitch Encounter’ is an interactive show which consists of an unscripted real-time conversation between Stitch and park guests.

When the host of the “Space Traffic Control” requests the computer to search for an available spacecraft captain to talk to, the computer connects to Stitch’s spacecraft. After that, guests  in the “Space Traffic Control” room are chosen to chat with Stitch. Stitch can both interact with guests and take their pictures. A hidden cast member supplies Stitch’s voice and controls his animation, allowing the character to talk and interact with guests. The “animated” character looks and moves much like he does in the movie, complete with corresponding facial expressions and gestures. The conclusion of the show occurs when the audience aids Stitch in his escape from Captain Gantu.

Thanks Gary for this little find.

More info here.

The Carling iPint – keep it simple, stupid

20 Aug

The Carling iPint iPhone application has been making the rounds recently, and it seems to be getting mixed reactions (simple and smart vs. simply stupid). Check out the demo below if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

It’s definitely generating word-of-mouth, what’s more, punters are actually playing around with this (branded content) in pubs – so it’s ticking a lot of boxes for me already. While the entertainment is short-lived, it is somewhat engaging and certainly poses the talkability factor. The iPint spoofs are already in full swing, take iMunchies for example.

Despite the idiocy of drinking a ‘virtual’ pint, the application actually uses ground-breaking technology. And yet the creative execution is so simple. So simple that I would argue it’s actually rather smart.

And to those marketers who think it’s just plain stupid – I can only bet you’re secretely annoyed you didn’t think of it first! Carling have leveraged the popularity of the iPhone, and they have the sucessful results to prove it.

Digital isn’t just banners ya’know. Technology is a huge part of the world we live in, whether we’re vastly aware of it or not. And we’re sharing engaging digital experiences with our friends. We live in exciting times! And brands need to realise the role they can play and value they can add in this exciting world.

My verdict – simply genius.

More info here.

TXT of the living dead

11 Aug

This is a simple but cool idea. Take a film, and make an interactive movie experience by allowing people to text message in the next line of the movie. A great example of people sharing digital experiences in the real-world.

A project by TXTual Healing.

Doritos Collisions – The battle for your tastebuds is on.

28 Jul

‘Doritos Collisions’ is the first new product launch from Doritos in years. This unique concept sees two great tasting flavours in just one bag.

It may sound bizarre, but it’s the latest, and possibly quirkiest, campaign from Doritos yet. In an era where viewer interest in watching 30-second ads is waning, Doritos is fighting back with non-traditional branded content. Or in this case, a wrestling match between mascots representing the four Doritos Collisions flavours.

Great branded content doesn’t come across as advertising and in doing so, stands a much better chance of getting passed along among peers. People only have so much time on their hands, and technology means they have more and more power to only watch what they want. Doritos seeks to engage people by providing them with digital and real-world brand experiences that are fun, memorable, and utlimately possess great talkability.

In the inaugural battle for your tastebuds, the characters (who are currently in training) are (drum roll please)…

He’s crazy for Chicken Sizzler flavour, it’s the Feathered Fury. Look closely, and you may spot Mr. Pearman himself! (MD of AMV BBDO)

Keeping it real for the Grilled Pepper flavour – The Griller.

Representing T-Bone Steak flavour – Tenacious T.

And last but certainly not least…carrying the hopes of Zesty Salsa flavour, all the way from Mexico, it’s El Zesto.

I hope you enjoy watching these, as much as we all enjoyed making them!

The driving platform for Doritos Collisions is through ‘The Gap Year’ reality web series – in collaboration with Bebo, the global social media network, and leading entertainment producer Endemol. ‘The Gap Year’ follows on from the phenomenal success of Sofia’s Diary and Kate Modern.

Doritos Collisions will be uniquely integrated into ‘The Gap Year’ experience which follows six lucky Bebo users from the UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the US on a dream gap year visiting exotic locations across the globe. The Gap Year is the perfect platform for Doritos, who as a brand are continually looking to use new media in innovative campaigns to really engage and develop long term relationships with their 18-24 year old audience.

Digital is at the heart of the campaign, but the story unfolds across multiple platforms. A launch event is taking place at the SE1 club in London Bridge on 7th August, which sees the four flavours go head to head. Following the event, Doritos Collisions will go on a regional tour across six major cities in the UK. More info over at

Tickets anyone?

If you (plus 1) are interested in coming to the London launch event (7th August at SE1), just drop me an email with your full name and friends name, confirmation you’re 18+, and blog (if you have one – and there’s no obligation to blog about it). Places are limited so get in there fast! Also, the event is being filmed for Internet broadcast, so by attending this event you are consenting to potentially feature in the footage (no guarantees of Internet stardom sorry!).

Mobile Phone Games – A Public Spectacle

24 Jul

The latest project from MegaPhone, a mobile gaming company, sees a multiplayer game in Times Square where people can interact with random rivals they’re battling on screen. An interesting way of connecting with strangers in a public place.

Players dial a phone number, then avatars representing the callers pop up on a big screen billboard, identified by the last four digits of their number. Use your keypad or shout into your handset (must look crazy no?) to control the game.

Via Wired.

MegaPhone productions are using their mutliplayer technology at NBA games, conferences, and even  supermarket aisles. A great way to pass time in my opinion.

This has interesting opportunities for brands who are continually striving to connect with people in new and exciting ways. This smart technology allows them to be a facilitator of relationships and connectedness, in turn resulting in an entertaining and useful brand experience. Watch this space…

On a random note, damn I want to go back to New York…

I’m back in action, what’s the blog goss?!?

7 Jul

After a blinding holiday in Ibiza (did that ever really happen?), I’m back to work. And back to blogging . After a long spell away from the t’internet it was hard to know where to start. So without further ado, here’s a few things I kinda feel like sharing that I stumbled upon.

This is all the brain can musta today, so hopefully you can enjoyable this posts in all it’s grammar & spelling mistaken gloryiousness…

Pixel Street Art

Is it digital? Is it real? Is is art? All of the above?? What can I say, I love this shit.

Via PicoCool.

YouChoose / YouTube

Fed up staring at YouTube videos? Want to get involved?! YouChoose turns The Godfather into an interactive movie adventure. Perhaps not the most polished experience, but a taster of exciting interactive video experience to come…

Via HyperHappen.

I Feel London

Explore London by your mood (feeling naughty?) with I Feel London. Anything with a Google Maps mash-up gets my digital juices flowing. As well as sharing your own tips, you can see what other people like to do when they feel hungover, romantic, energetic etc. There’s one for NYC too, (the best city in the world!).

Via Andy. Foosball

Something wrong with this picture fellas? There’s a ballerina in a foosball match! And she is never able to kick the ball. (Not sure if I’m slightly offended by that?!?) What I do like though, it directly expresses a job mismatch – reminding you to look for a job using

Via directdaily.

Here’s another stab at making YouTube slightly less drivelous (is that a word?). From the awesome Poke NY, comes Up late wathing mindless nonsense on YouTube? Watch it here and just hit space bar when you’re bored. Search by your own video-tastes by throwing a search term after the backslash. Check it out in all it’s next next next glory!!

Via Not Yellow, Chicken.

Wii love wii jacking

2 Jun

Johnny Lee, hero to the Wii-jacking community, demos his amazing Wii Remote hacks. He transforms the £30 “wiimote” into a digital whiteboard, a touchscreen (think Tom Cruise moving computer files with his hands in Minority Report), and a head-mounted 3-D viewer. Simply amazing.

Electronic Arts has already unveiled a new Wii game designed by Steven Spielberg, ‘Bloom Blox’, which incorporates a similar technique using Lee’s head-tracking programme.

Check out the video as I can’t quite put my amazement into words. He gets a standing ovation (I almost joined in at my desk!).

How do you get a band in your hand?

13 May

People who applied for tickets for Radio 1′s Big Weekend but didn’t get one were given a URL link to a secret page where they could download some augmented reality software. What’s that?! Essentially it allowed people to have The Fratellis playing live in their hand. Pretty cool demo.

I pity the fool who ain’t got a Snickers Mr T. widget

19 Mar

Hey fools, listen up. If you liked the Simpsons make your own avatar fun, you’re sure to like the latest widget from Snickers and Mr T. You can make yourself look like Mr T. This is me! Is this a good look for me? Erm. No.

Grab the widget for your social network profile page, website, or blog, and you can use the Get T’Look tool to make yourself look like Mr T. Or go on a nut-fuelled rampage in the Get Some Nuts game. You can grab it from Bebo, Facebook, and the brand new where you can also make a customised version of the Tank TV ad i.e. elf style. You may be wondering why I haven’t actually embedded the widget in this post, well wordpress don’t support it, but most of you lucky bloggers should be able to using the grab it function.

This has been a very exciting project I’ve worked on, and very technically challenging at times but we got there in the end! It’s all about creating great content, and making the content live beyond the destination site. Building a brand temple and expecting people to come is pretty nieve. But creating great content that can live anywhere just seemed like the right thing to do. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but our target audience seem to love it! Go on, Get Some Nuts!

Client: Snickers
Agency: AMV BBDO
Creative: Alex Braxton, Alistair Robertson
Creative Director: Paul Brazier
Media Agency: MediaCom
Production Partners: Collective and Skive

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