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The Loch Ness Monster is loose in Tokyo!

13 Feb

Okay, well not the real Loch Ness monster…now that would just be silly wouldn’t it!

The Loch Ness monster has surfaced in Tokyo Bay – created using a water screen and water jets. This is the latest in movie marketing gimmicks, this time to promote The Water Horse. So are movie promotions getting more exciting or just over hyped?

We all enjoyed the ARG campaign for Cloverfield movie, and the hype has indeed made it a box office success, but if you read the reviews they tend to start something along the lines of… “it was never going to live up to the hype”. The films ‘herky-jerky’ camera work requires a lot of commitment from the audience, and it’s just not everybody’s cup of tea.

Before a movie hits the big screen, it’s tricky business striking a balance between sparking genuine buzz and generating over hype in movie marketing. Nonetheless, it’s a tough industry to crack and I’m thoroughly enjoying the innovative and often brave campaigns we are beginning to engage with.

Consumers are demanding more and more and are living in a highly charged media mix culture. Let’s face it, we’re bored with flashy movie websites with wallpapers and screensavers. That all seems all a bit lame now. As our expectations rise, I expect nothing less than real world Loch Ness monsters, complicated hunts across multiple platforms, and even bloody limbs in public places. Are you excited? I am…

Gruesome advertising

14 Jan

Is Deathproof’s advertising as distasteful as the movie?! I believe so! I really think bloody limbs in public places is a pretty disgusting form of advertising. I’m assuming they did it to spark controversy, and so I guess they’ve succeeded there…


Found at adverbox.

Emotional cities – how are you feeling?

8 Jan

Has anyone else been struggling to get into the swing of things this new year?! I swear, I can’t tell my Twitter from my Pownce…

Anyways, check out this wicked artistic Swedish project called Emotional Cities. Sounds like it’s been up since end of last year, so I’m probably late catching on, as ever. It’s great. You participate online and grade your emotional state from purple to red – I’m about a yellow right now. And they’ve got a widget which makes it easy to share.

But of course…they bring this to life in the real world with light installations on buildings. A great way of expressing how everyone is feeling. I just love it!



Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion Sushi

17 Dec

I wasn’t aware of media buy on sushi conveyer belts, but I am now! Simple idea, nicely executed.


The world’s coolest fitting room, quite literally…

5 Dec

What better way to test the warmth of winter clothing in Sweden, than to test it in a freezing cold fitting room. Quite literally, the worlds coolest fitting room. With snow and ice, the temperature of the room is -25 Celsius. And of course, as it’s the digital age, there is a web cam in the room. A pretty ‘cool’ idea, and one that has sparked word of mouth to bring attention to the ‘Playground’ brand behind it all.

“The results was close to 400% more customers and Playground sold more than 100% more jackets compared to the goal. Gold Eurobest Winner 2007.”


Found here.



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